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About us

Up! Kids School – Escuela Infantil® is a nursery school for children from 0 to 4 years old with immersion in English. We apply a system involving broad-based stimulation, learning and education that treats each child as a unique individual in a continual process of development.

Our differentiating factor is socioemotional education, which is offered through programs that stress the importance of positive discipline and the principles of mindfulness and emotional intelligence in our daily lives. Our commitment is to nurture optimistic, happy, competent, self-confident girls and boys who can adapt to different kinds of situations. In this process we work hand in hand with their families so as to ensure a harmonious balance throughout the journey.

Up! Kids School – Escuela Infantil® guarantees a respectful, warm, stimulating and psychologically safe environment in which children discover and learn by exploring, experimenting and playing. The small number of pupils per class means that teaching can be tailored to the needs of each child.


To be a specialized school that provides a stimulating, affectionate and safe environment, which identifies and attends to the needs of each girl and boy, offering them a comprehensive, high-quality, personalized education in which they can develop all their capacities, while feeling respected, trusted and happy. Families play an active role throughout this process.