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Up! Kids School – Escuela Infantil® is set in grounds with an area of 1,600 m2, used exclusively for educational purposes and with their own separate entrance. All the classrooms open directly onto the outside play areas and gardens.


Our classrooms are designed to guarantee a stimulating safe environment, promote the use of new technologies and develop active thinking, critical reasoning, problem-solving and creativity through exploration and investigation and by doing projects in themed corners.


A space equipped with a range of different elements to build psychomotor skills and early stimulation and allow children to develop physically, cognitively and socially through movement, interaction and play and by experiencing the space around them with all five senses. We have wheels, buckets, balls, mirrors, seesaws and similar objects made with an array of different materials, colors, textures etc.


  • A garden with a playground for the exclusive use of Stage One pupils, measuring 85 m2.
  • A garden with a playground for the exclusive use of Stage Two pupils, measuring 240 m2.
  • Outside covered porch area for the exclusive use of Stage Two pupils, measuring 32 m2.


An area with different kinds of written materials, an interactive blackboard and a puppet theatre, among others, in a space created for enjoyment and comfort.


An area that is specially equipped to be as functional and comfortable as possible for the children when they eat. All the furniture is designed to size and made with materials that
enable proper hygiene at all times.


Outdoor swimming pool area measuring 195 m2, for pupils from both stages and with restricted, protected access.