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United by a mission

Up Kids School-ESCUELA INFANTIL is the product of the passion and the enterprising spirit of its founders, María del Carmen García Espinel and Marysabel Bottaro de Ungredda, whose primary motivation when setting out on this endeavor was to guarantee a high-quality, innovative, all-round, inclusive, intercultural education, all of which would be provided by a highly-qualified, interdisciplinary team working hand-in-hand with the families. With a strong commitment to educating emotionally healthy, competent, self-confident children with values based on respect for others, the environment, teamwork, responsibility and trust, who can adapt to different kinds of situations and approach the world in a constructive way. “We firmly believe that the first years of children’s lives are crucial for enhancing their development”.

Our academic program is based on an integrated, interdisciplinary service of formation, stimulation and monitoring of all aspects of the child’s development. We use games as a vehicle and have a flexible pedagogical model that enables us to apply the philosophies and methodologies that are most appropriate to the specific objectives, themes, abilities, conditions, rhythms, styles and other typical parts of teaching. We base our program on teaching by projects, through which we can explore science, technology, the arts and mathematics, so providing multi-disciplinary stimulation that develops creativity and takes an innovative approach to the process of acquisition of educational contents.